Here is what to do: - Check that it is not one of the known bugs listed above :) - Check the SunGazer Packetfilter website, to ensure that you realy use the lastest version of the SunGazer Packetfilter. (We may already fixed the problem.) - Check the SunGazer Packetfilter Bug Tracking System at: to see if the bug has already been reported. - Submit a bug report! You can submit a bug report either by sending email to SunGazer Packetfilter Team <sg-packetfilter - at -> Or, if you want to send the SunGazer Packetfilter developers some comments, but don't want to lodge a bug report, you can sent email to <sg-packetfilter-devel - at ->, the SunGazer Packetfilter developer's mailing list. What to include in your bug report: - Discribe the problem, including any messages that were displayed. - Tell us the name and version of: - The Operating System you're using. You may find the "uname -a" command useful. - The version number of netfilter iptables you use. You may find the "iptables --version" command useful. - The version number of the SunGazer Packetfilter you use. You may fing the "sg-packetfilter --version" command useful. - Any log entries which the SunGazer Packetfilter made, while you had the problem. FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information, as always, see the SunGazer Packetfilter website:

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