v0.2.0		20020522	final release
		- added information about ICQ to config file
		- updated the documentaion
		- added root check to
                - added root check ro
                - added root check to
                - added root check to

v0.2.0rc3	20020428	release candidate 3
		- corrected some spelling mistakes
		- fixed a bug in the notraffic option in the source script
                - redid most of PART II
		- added functions:
                  + clear_rules ()
                  + run_log ()
                  -> script becomes more readable and shorter
		- fixed a bug in the main script
                  -> space letter in the first in case statement was missing

v0.2.0rc2a	20020422	release candidate 2a
		- fixed a bug in the source script
                  -> the option --reallowallout was the same as --allowallout

v0.2.0rc2	20020418        release candidate 2
		- modified the ICQ chain
                  -> commented the input rules to port 5190 out (because unused)
		- redid
		- redid
		- moved all files excluding README, GPL,,,
         and to the directorys etc, opt,
                  sbin and src, so that the archive becomes more overall viewable
		- updated the file EXAMPLES
		- added information to the file BUGS
		- fixed some spelling mistakes

v0.2.0rc1	20020409       	release candidate 1
		- replaced some if statements through in case statements
                  -> I hope that will bring more performance
		- added the option --reallowallout, which is a compination of
                  --stop and --allowallout
		- fixed some typing errors in the echo outputs
                - replaced the the function which sets special parameters for
                  ippp interfaces if named in $1, through a cleaer way
                  (Ralph's work)
		- updateed the config file
		- fixed a typing error in the input ssh chain

v0.2.0pre3	20020401	prerelease 3
		- added information to the file BUGS
		- corrected setting of the variable $CONFIGFILE in the main script
		- fixed bug in

v0.2.0pre2	20020331      	prerelease 2
		- replaced the docu file THANKS through PEOPLE
		- added a chain for auth
                  -> SYNs on port 113 will become reject
		- updateed the documentation
		- ICMP chains are also set if you call the script with
                  "sg-packetfilter--allowallout" now
		- renamed the file KNOWNBUGS to BUGS

v0.2.0pre1	20020326	prerelease 1
		- moved documentation of the source package to
		- moved config file to /etc/sg-packetfilter
		- deleted nmap chain (cuz it doesn't work)
		- took SunGazer Packetfilter v0.1.18 as base

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