v0.3.0		20020406        first release
                - changed name for the executable file "sg-packetfilter"
                  to "sg-packetfilter-devel"
                  -> now it's possible to install a stable and a devel version
		- changed install paths
                  -> all the stuff become installed to */sg-packetfiler-devel/
		- impleted routing
                  -> routing chain for http
                  -> routing chain for https
                  -> routing chain for dns
                  -> routing chain for ssh
                  -> routing chain for active ftp
                  -> routing chain for passive ftp
                  -> routing chain for smtp
                  -> routing chain for pop3
                  -> routing chain for pop3s
                  -> routing chain for imap4
                - added new log chains for routing
		- fixed some typing errors in the echo outputs
		- replaced the the function which sets special parameters for ippp
                  interfaces if named in $1, through a cleaer way (Ralph's work)
		- fixed a bug
                  -> the own chains script wasn't called by the main script
		- added a chain for auth
                  -> SYNs on port 113 will become reject

v0.3.0pre3	20020402	prerelease 3
		- updateed the docu
		- fixed some typing errors
		- added the file ICQ to this package
                - started with the ip-up.local (doesn't works yet and I don't know if
                  it every will works this way)
		- added a feature that the user has the possibility to enter
                  own chains in the file /etc/sg-packetfilter/sg-packetfitler.own.config
                - replaced the file THANKS through PEOPLE

v0.3.0pre2      20020326        prerelease 2
		- replaced if statements in sg-packetfilter through
                  in case statements (Marko's work)
		- updateed the documentation
                - ICMP chains are also set if you call the script with
                  "sg-packetfilter --allowallout" now
                - renamed the file KNOWNBUGS to BUGS
		- added clear_all_rules-2
		- updated base
                  -> took SunGazer Packetfilter v0.2.0pre1 as base

v0.3.0pre1	20020308	prerelease 1
		- took SunGazer Packetfilter v0.1.16 as base

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