(Don't worry it's very easy.)

As user:

 1. Type 'tar xvfz sg-packetfilter-X.X.X.tar.gz'
    or   'tar xvfj sg-packetfilter-X.X.X.tar.bz2'.
 2. Type 'cd sg-packetfilter-X.X.X'.
 3. Change with 'su root' to root.

As root:

 4. Type 'sh' to install the main script.
 5. Go to /etc/sg-packetfilter/ and configure the file
    'sg-packetfilter.config' with your favorite editor.

SunGazer Packetfilter requires the following:

 - kernel >= 2.4
 - iptables netfilter modules -> kernel
 - iptables >= 1.2
 - bash


As root:

 1. Type 'sh'. Please choose the right version of the
    uninstall script or there may be errors durring uninstallation.

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